Origin010 utilises drawing, painting, text and animation to explore our complex relationship with nature. Having evolved from its on-line 'alter-ego' www.origin09.org, Origin010 might be viewed as an ephemeral, physical manifestation of what was first created in cyberspace. By juxtaposing and connecting a variety of styles and creative strategies within and across the gallery, our aim is to present a plexus or complex network of relationships that references our perceived 'organisation' of the biological world.

Though essentially celebratory in its intention, we hope that Origin010 will still propose a number of serious questions regarding the validity of the anthropocentric world view and, quite simply, about what it means to be alive.

About the artists

Paul Evans
Chris Jones




Paul Evans' installation adds up to a personal hymn to natural diversity. Semi-abstract watercolour and graphite drawings, accompanied here by Chris Jones' succinct haiku poems, are images of nature in the making. As ambiguous as they are highly evocative, the amoebic cells might be ultimately unidentifiable yet they are nonetheless forceful presences that make the imagination creep. There's also an enchanting animation of metamorphosing butterflies, created in collaboration with the Humanstudio group. The central image here., however, is A cure for Melancholy, Evans' life-sized drawing of a narwhal whose tusks were apparently sold as unicorn horns; an antidote to creative and philosophical disillusionment.

Robert Clark
The Guardian Guide 14 August 2010